Boards are aplicable for thermal insulation: skirting boards in Seamless Thermal Insulation Systems, walls below ground level with insulation, floor under a floor base with normal load, floor on ground level with normal load, full roof ceilings without access, and also where declared parametrs of products are good.

Product description:
Styrofoam boards EPS 100-038 with describe quality in
EN 13163:2001:T1-L1-W1-S1-P3-BS150-CS(10)100-DS(N)5-DS(70,-)2-DLT(1)5,
fire reaction class E, declared thermal conduction coefficient λd≤0,038.

Smooth board dimensions 500mm x 1000mm x 10-200 every 10mm.
Milled board dimensions 500mm x 1000mm x 50-200 every 10mm.
Milled board max dimensions 1000 x 2000mm x 50-400 every 10mm.

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